Monday, January 18, 2010

The Danger Room (HQ downloadable version)

If you'd like to see a high quality downloadable version of The Danger Room, then hop over to Preppy's MvC2 website. The video was posted a few days ago.

A big thanks goes out to Preppy for hosting the video.

-Long Island MvC2 Team

Thursday, January 14, 2010


The counter-trijump is an advanced MvC2 technique that can give you a fighting chance after flying screen and wake up situations. It's not something you can depend upon all the time but it is very useful. Going from a defensive position to an offensive one, this technique (when used properly) can have a major impact on the battle.

It seems that a regular jump is less than a frame in MvC2. If someone can find me data on this, that would be helpful. At match start, if both players do the switch trick glitch, and Magneto starts with a c lk and you hold up, you can effectively evade the c lk. Magneto's c lk is one frame.

Refer to this frame data chart for more technical information.

On wake up, if you hold up you then you usually can evade low attacks. While you are in the air then immediately input an airdash downwards with an attack and you will surprise your opponent with a quick attack to the head. This is not a sure fire technique and your opponent can counter it. When used with discretion, it's godlike. I especially like using this technique against MSS (Magneto/Storm/Sent) because the team doesn't have an anti-air to discourage you from jumping on wake up. Be aware, if your opponent does a meaty attack, you will probably get hit.

Check out how Both Josh 360 and Sanford use the technique in the edited video below. This is pulled from the Josh360 (4W MIMS) vs Sanford (5W MSP)- Season Beatings III match from Preppy's website.

In MvC2 all you need is one hit to turn everything around.

Special thanks to Preppy, Romneto, and Joo.

This is the shoryuken forum discussion thread for Counter-Trijumps. We may not be able to answer every question but we will try our best.

-LI MvC2 Team

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year Hype in Long Island

Money matches are always exciting. When players know money is on the line, the intensity of the matches skyrocket. This past weekend, there was a money match between Romneto and Phocus. Both players fought well but Romneto came out on top due to his experience and composure. The video below shows some of the hype. Unfortunately the camcorder died, so only the first three matches were captured. This is not intended to display the best MvC2 players in the world, but it does show how much fun we all have at Long Island MvC2 sessions.

There will be a rematch at Syn's next MvC2 Session.

- LI MvC2 Team