Sunday, March 22, 2009

Final Round 12 MvC2 Results

Shoryuken Thread

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (50+ Players - thanks to BabyWolverine for getting these results)

1) Justin "Marvelous" Wong (MSP/Matrix) - (Loses to no one)
2) Arthur "BabyWolverine" Catigbe (Santhrax) - (Loses to J360 and Justin)
3) Joshua "J360" Aponte (Mag/IM/Sent) - (Loses to Justin and BabyWolverine)
4) Max "50morecents" (MSP/MSS/Santrax) - (Loses to BabyWolverine twice)
5) Brandon "Demon Hyo" Deshields (MSP/MSS) - (Loses to Max and BabyWolverine)
6) Joe "ATL CPU" (Mag/IM/Sent / Scrubclops) - (Loses to Max and ?)
7) Deric "Skitz" Bogus (MSS) - (Loses to ?)
8) Peter "FlashMetriod" Susini (Mag/IM/Sent) - (Loses to ?)

Congratulations Justin Wong! Shoutout to Arthur and Josh360 who play with the Long Island crew, good job!

Waiting for vids :)

Edit: Changed title of post

-LI MvC2 Team

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