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MvC2: Magneto Debate - Sanford vs Yipes/Matrix/Infinite 8.31.13

Transcript [Begins at 0:32 in the above video] - This is a work in progress

Sanford: I will never lose to nothing, BUT Magneto. I lose to patient Magnetos. Magnetos on teams with 3 characters.


Chris 'Matrix' - 3 character team Magneto?

Sanford - That shit is mad gay. He can just parade around then land a hit and kill me, but if I kill him, the team [MSS] can still make a comeback.

Sanford - Do you understand what I'm saying? He can just jump around and randomly get a hit and if I kill him, the rest of his team has mad bars (super meters) and can make a comeback. That shit is gay.

Nickguy: I love Team Row though.

Sanford: I don't mind that as much as MSS.

Matrix: You gotta lame out Magneto.

Sanford: But it's hard yo, he got mad priority. Mad priority. You can't chip him. Not Magnetos that have movement. It's mad hard to keep him on the ground. They are always in your grill and you have to block them. It's dumb hard to block man. If you try to hit him, he hits YOU. If you kill him, he still has the rest of his team.

Sanford: That's why MSP, I don't mind that shit. If I kill Magneto, I know the team is DONE.

Chris 'Matrix': I prefer to fight a Magneto without Psylocke.

Sanford: No I would too but I'm saying I don't like fighting MSS.

Chris 'Matrix': That's because you use Santhrax. That beats that.

Sanford: It beats a lot of teams. The only team that beats that is MSP.

Chris 'Matrix': Mag/Storm/Cyke

Sanford: I don't think it beats it. It doesn't. It can land a hit and kill all 3 of them.

Chris 'Matrix': It still gotta take shit. MSS gotta take shit.

Sanford: That's what beats Sanford Kelly.

Sanford: There's nothing I can do about that. It's cheap shit. It's like having a Vergil.

Infinite: Nahhh chill.

Sanford: It kinda is. You are never done if you have 3 characters.

Infinite: That's not true. You can't compare it to Vergil.

Sanford: You can. It's an insurance policy. It's 3 characters.

Infinite: It's not the same.

Sanford: It's not the same, but the concept. If people had to fight me with only 2 characters
, they wouldn't beat me. They need a backup character. That's why Brandon (Demon Hyo)....

Infinite & Matrix: At the same time they sacrifice something. They are sacrificing a character to have
a last assist.

Sanford: Since I began playing the game, I always played 2 character teams. I've never picked 3 character teams.

Chris 'Matrix': 3 character teams make sacrifices

Sanford: The only 3 character team I ever played is Storm/Sent/Cable. That's it. That's the only team I picked. The main reason why I pick Storm/Sentinel/Cable is to stop random UOPs (Unorganized Players) in 2 out of 3s. So I have 3 characters. That's why I pick it.

Sanford: They pick it on me specifically because they know that they can't out-strategize me. They can't beat me on a strategic level.

Chris 'Matrix': That's the team they play!

Sanford: No it's not. Arthur was not playing MSS.

Chris 'Matrix': Oh you are talking about Arthur?!? Arthur picked that because you have a better Santhrax
than him.

Sanford: Arthur picked that team on me. Brandon's main team is MSS.

Chris 'Matrix': Brandon always had Magneto, Rocket Punch (Sentinel). He used to play Magneto/Iron
Man/Sentinel. He picks whatever.

Sanford: I know that but he only picks that on me.

Infinite: He picks that on other people too.

Chris 'Matrix': On Desmond too. No no no Desmond too.

Yipes: He don't pick MSP on Desmond.

Chris 'Matrix': On Santhrax.

Infinite: Yo that's not why.

Chris 'Matrix': That's Brandon's Shit!

Infinite: That's not why

Sanford: I know that's his shit but it just happens that way.

Infinite: Yo it's all in your head right now.

Sanford: Beat me with something other than Magneto in your life. Anybody! Anyone of the people out there. Anybody! Even Yipes.

Infinite: That's just their team!

Sanford: Beat me in a First to 10 WITHOUT Magneto.

Infinite: Is it their fault that they play Magneto?

Chris 'Matrix': Hold up. I can beat you, but I can't beat you in a First to 10.

Sanford: In a First to 10.

Chris 'Matrix': You are better than me. That's why.

Sanford: Who am I NOT better than that doesn't use Magneto? I am the best at winning without Magneto.

Infinite: Justin beat you without Magneto.

Sanford: No he didn't. EVER. He always beats me with Magneto. What are you talking about?

Always. He beat me 10-4 with Magneto at CF (Chinatown Fair). At CF he beat me 10-4 with

Magneto. With Team Row. He never beat me First to 10 without Magneto.

Sanford: Every time I play Justin Sentinel vs Sentinel it goes even. He never ever rapes me. Ever.

Chris 'Matrix': He has beaten you in 4 out of 7s

Yipes: I'm ready for the Arizonas (Iced Tea)

Sanford: I beat him too. I'm saying he doesn't beat me when we both have Storm/Sentinel. (When he has Magneto) I get scraped. I don't beat him at all. Justin fuckin 3-0, 4-0s me with Magneto. Why is that? Why does he pick Magneto and I can't cope? If he picks anything else, I'll fuckin beat it.

Chris 'Matrix': It's because your playstyle

Infinite: That's what makes it easy for them. Then they pick Magneto on Sanford, then that's how it is.

Infinite: It is because it's easier for them.

Sanford: No it's not that. I'm just saying it counters it.

Infinite: It is because it's easier for them.

Sanford: They can't beat me without it. I am dead serious. They are not going to beat me without Magneto. I'm Deadass! They are not smarter than me. They are not going to intellectually beat me.

Infinite: That's your fault then.

Sanford: No, I'm not saying it's not my fault, I'm just saying that's what beats me.

Infinite: Nah I get you, but I'm saying what are you gonna do about it then? If that's what beats you.

Sanford: Do you understand why it's frustrating to me though?

Infinite: You need to figure it out! Whose fault is that? It's your fault, no one else's.

Sanford: There is nothing to figure out. Everybody loses to Magnus.

Infinite: Make it not as bad.

Sanford: That's like saying take Vergil out. You can't take a Vergil out.

Infinite: You can make it not as bad.

Sanford: What the fuck beats a Magneto without making it as bad? What owns him?

Infinite: You can make it not as bad.

Sanford: How?

Infinite: Just for you, it's a personal thing.

Sanford: I fight him pretty well, it's just that he's OD. He is OD!!! Coming out the sky pressing many buttons, I try to sit there and block. Alright I sat there and blocked. Now I am out of the situation. Then he is mad fast so a smart player can get in and if he can be almost as smart as me then he can hit me once and kill me! I'm not fuckin with him. That guy is cheap! If you kill him then you got fuckin Storm/Sent DHC after that.

Chris 'Matrix': They sacrifice an anti-air.

Sanford: It's not a sacrifice.

Chris 'Matrix': It is a sacrifice. You get to maul them.

Sanford: No you don't! You can't maul that team like that.

Chris 'Matrix': You can maul them. You can maul it. I've seen it get mauled myself.

Sanford: People who are wack with it. I'm talking about Good players.

Chris 'Matrix': Like who?

Sanford: Like Yipes. You are not mauling Yipes MSS.

Chris 'Matrix': Yipes don't play MSS.

Sanford: I'm saying if he did, you wouldn't maul it. It's ridiculous.

Infinite: Yipes could not win a tournament with MSS.

Sanford: Of course because there are MSPs.

Chris 'Matrix': That's why I said you can maul this team.

Sanford: M-S-P, but I but I'm not an MSP, so I gotta pick MSP to beat him.

Chris 'Matrix': You could pick Storm/Sent/Cyke

Sanford: But it doesn't scrape it though, it's still an even fight.

Chris 'Matrix': It shouldn't get scraped though, it should be a good fight.

Sanford: It is a good fight. I'm saying MSP scrapes it though.

Chris 'Matrix': MSP does scrape it.

Sanford: That's what I'm saying, why I gotta pick MSP to scrape it? Why I gotta go even when I pick up a team, because it's THAT cheap? Nothing else scrapes that team other than MSP. Nothing! Nothing else owns that team. Not even Magneto/Storm/Cyclops!

Chris 'Matrix': Nothing owns Santhrax.

Sanford: What?!?!

Chris 'Matrix': Nothing owns Santhrax.

** To be continued **

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