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MvC2 Online Matches + Analysis

Xbox 360 MvC2 Online matches

PS3 MvC2 Online matches

MvC2 Online: Xbox 360 vs PS3

The Xbox 360 version is slightly slower than the Dreamcast port. Although it isn't as fast, the 360 version usually maintains a consistent speed. That provides a high level of leniency when executing combos. The PS3 version, while technically faster than the 360, has noticeable frame dropout and inexplicable input lag as well as dropout. This speed can be quite disorienting when you consider the fact that you have to execute your combos very fast, and even when you press all the right inputs, there is still a decent chance that some of those inputs will not show up in the game.

If you watch the above videos carefully (mostly PS3 matches), you will notice that there are times when the screen will shift unexpectedly and it will look quite strange. This is what happens when one or both players are not seeing the game at the actual speed at which it should be running. There is no real way to compensate for this because it is impossible to detect exactly when and where these shifts will occur. When searching for lobbies online, it is best to join the ones that have a Ping of less than 80. Anything much higher, and you run the risk of teleporting Magneto's and Unblockable everythings.

My experience comes from playing on systems (PS3 & 360) that were each connected to a Cable ethernet cord. Since I used the same connection when trying each system, I gained an objective comparison from my matches. I have not tested how MvC2 plays on wireless connections, so I cannot comment on the speed/reliability of that type of setup.

When playing on PS3 there were several times when my character was full screen away, and my opponent's Magneto literally appeared next to me (just moments later) and was already 10 hits into the Rom. This sort of thing renders the game almost unplayable, but that is not to say that all matches on PS3 are this laggy. As you will see from the above videos, matches with VDO and DaveSmooth ran quite nicely. On the other end of the spectrum, battles with Phil0pia were highly affected by frame dropout and input lag/dropout.

Another issue with online play is people who disconnect when they are about to lose a match. This is commonly referred to as 'Ragequitting'. A most deplorable act, it really kills the fun of the experience. What makes it even worse is the fact that the person who quits does not even get charged with a loss. Many players who reached the highest rankings on Xbox Live did so by quitting before losses.

Here is a perfect example of a notorious Ragequitter:

Overall, MvC2 online is really fun to play. Hopefully, there will be patches released soon that will address some of the major issues with the online experience. The Dreamcast version still stands as the definitive MvC2 model, but it is awesome to be able to battle people across the globe any time you want. Enjoy the match videos, and if you play online, feel free to post your Xbox or PS3 name so I can add you as a friend. Also, if you have video capturing software, it would be great to have more people uploading MvC2 online matches. Most of the people putting up videos are new to the game, and while it is nice that they are presenting MvC2 content, it would be even better if serious players took some time to put up videos.

I play once a week online, so there will be more videos in the near future on my youtube:

-LI MvC2 Team

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