Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Quick Look at GGPO

With the release of Marvel vs Capcom 2 online, many people are connecting and playing MvC2 for the first time. While playing MvC2 online is great (we all have been waiting for this since 2001), it's always good to take a break. Another way to play fighting games online is through your computer using a service like GGPO.

GGPO stands for "Good Game Peace Out". It's also a free way to play various games online through your computer. The main website for GGPO is

To install GGPO you need:

1. Adobe Air
2. The actual GGPO package which you can download from here:

Don't forget to open up ports on your computer or router so that GGPO can communicate with the server and your opponents. All of the instructions are on the website.

Before you can play online, you have to create an account and registration is as easy as 1-2-3.

After successfully installing the program, click on the icon which will bring you to this screen:

After you have logged in, you can select a room for the particular game you wish to play or chat it up in the lobby with other like minded gamers. You must have the correct rom (not the infinite) to enter that respective room.

More games will be supported over time. After joining a specific room, just challenge someone to a friendly match. One of the LI MvC2 Blog is about to play a few rounds of (even though they are not too good).

Some other nice features are the built in chat for any match your playing in. Press t and then just punch in your message and hit enter. That's useful if you need a second or wish to trash talk between rounds.

If you really like GGPO, don't forget to donate

-Long Island MvC2 Team

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