Sunday, November 1, 2009

Highlights video + New MvC2 Online matches

Check out these casual match highlights of Mixah vs Brett:

The following is a playlist of MvC2 Online ranked matches. This will provide some idea of the overall skill level of players you will fight in this mode:

Brett vs beatsofdevil (Online) :

Online Matches-Brett, Dr Who, SeacShade, and more:

Online matches- Drumliner Joe vs Brett:

Online matches- Brett vs Darknight:

First to 10: Brett vs Nxver Die (online) :

Great matches everyone. Now that I have my own Xbox 360, I will be uploading more matches than ever before. The first to 10 against 'Nxver Die' was a blast, and I plan on having more first to 10 battles vs other players.

MvC2 Online Update: A patch was just released that fixed Cable's unblockable Air Hyper Viper Beam. This is great news for the online Marvel community, and a positive sign of things to come. Thanks to players actively reporting glitches, bugs, and problems to Microsoft we have already seen a marked improvement in the online MvC2 experience. For full details, read the official article here.

Enjoy the videos!

-LI MvC2 Team

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